Why I don't watch television

A television exercises your ability to watch without action for extended periods of time.

I want to exercise my ability to find creative solutions to complex problems.

The medium is the message§

Humans are composed of instruments that cooperate to sense and action.

The instruments for how we sense and action is embedded in how the message is perceived.

For example: to watch a documentary is about how to sit on the couch and receive information.

Creative muscle§

Our ability to be creative is a muscle that we must exercise to be fit.

If you only consume creative content, your muscles with atrophy from lack of exercise.


Television is a way to receive sensory perception from a remote source. Television leaves little room for sensory imagination.

After not watchcing television for some years, now I find it too stimulating, overwhelming without control.

Watching a television is like entering a car and going for a ride.


A common reason for watching television is to relax.

Here are some other ways to relax:

Listen to your inner mind§

Be quiet, hang out in your own self

Write in a journal§

Create a trail of your thoughts

Read or listen to a book§

An author of a book makes less decisions about sensory perception than television.

Sense the author’s cues, then create the story in your sensory imagination.

Connect with your friends§

Share your trails

Talk about what’s on your mind

Be an explorer in new worlds§

Follow other trails, but don’t follow a set path

Why does this matter?§

You are what you eat.

The creative content you eat becomes you, the decisions made by the author.

Exercising your creative muscle helps you make your own creative decisions.

Interesting people are those who explore and follow new paths.

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